Respect Points are special points that players can either purchase in order to help buy special items from the Battle Master. Players also have the option of completing surveys and trials in order to earn Respect Points.

Easy Ways to Get Respect PointsEdit

One way that is very easy is to click on a link called "Wildfire". Tell a friend your "friend code" and tell them to enter it on wildfire and badabang! You two just got respect points just like that! It's that easy and you can even do it it too but you may only do it once, so sorry for all of you who would spam friend codes for easy respect points! A very easy way to get friends to enter your code is to spread it over the internet! Trust me I know that you will get atleast one person to do it and maybe more if you post it on a popular website!

Time LimitEdit

There is a time limit to buying a special item with your respect points. There may be days, hours, or MINUTES to get the item you wish depending on how long you have been off the game. Most likely it will start out with days, but once it turns into hours left you better get some respect points or else you can kiss that special item goodbye!

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