MysteryStein is an Elite II Boss that you fight at level 140. MysteryStein was released in March of 2010.

Recommended Equips Edit

Any equipment set that will give you 12,000 attack and 36,000 hp

Battle Strategy Edit

Buy 100 BSOD Junkboxes,and 30 Fatty Toro Nigiris.The reason why you have to use BSOD Junkboxes(and not Cherry Pies) on Mysterystein is because he will cast Burial Sentences until you die.When you cast BSOD Junkboxes,Mysterystein will use Burial Sentence a few times,but after that,he will cast two spells that will help you.They are Anti-Crush and Sychost.exe.Anti Crush damages you for 500 damage but increases your attack by 300-the equivalent of a Cherry Pie.Sychost.exe damages you for 1,600 damage but boosts your attack by 75 and your defence by 150.Keep your hp over 1,600 and heal with a Fatty Toro Nigiri.When you run out of BSOD Junkboxes,finish Mysterystein! Good Luck!

Here's another strategy:

Buy equipment that will give you 12,000 attack and 36,000 hp.Fight Mysterystein and keep mashing the attack button.

Boss Drop Edit

Polarcrest Icepick

Requires Level 140

+15,025 Attack

4,500 Max HP

+4% Critical Hit Chance

-2,200,000 Income

The Polarcrest Icepick is one of the best weapons in the game so far.Its attack is very high,it can kill any pet in one,two,or three hits.It also gives a solid HP and Critical Hit Chance.The income upkeep of this weapon is comparable to a Moss Harpoon,yet it has the attack power comparable to a Cypress Knife.