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MysteryStein is a boss that you defeat in-game. MysteryStein was released in March of 2010. The boss is the most strongest boss in Epic Pet Wars. (As of May 2010).

Beating Mysterystein[]

Many Epic Pet Wars users have planned strategies to defeat MysteryStein. Here is one such strategy.

1. Equip weapons so that your stats are at least 9000 Attack and 25000 HP.

2. Prepare 100 BSOD Junkboxes. Proceed to step 3.

3. Have about 10 snapper nigiris.

4. Battle Mysterystein.

5. Attack with 30 BSOD Junkboxes.

6. Notice that instead of attacking with his Burial Sentences, he uses Anti-Crush and Syntax Host.exe spells (reduces HP by a small amount of owie and increases your attack.)

7. After using 30 BSOD Junkboxes (heal when down to 15000 HP), attack once. If you deal 5000 damage or less, cast 40 more. If you deal 5001 or above cast 20 more.

8. After casting spells, attack again. If you deal 10k damage, keep attacking. Proceed to step 10. If you deal less than that, cast the rest of your junkboxes. Proceed to step 9.

9. Attack repeatedly.

10. Congratulations, you have beaten Mysterystein!

Miscellaneous Info[]

Be sure to be at least level 150 to attempt this to be confident of victory.

Suggested equips: [+AM] weapon of Sunken Lead Club or higher, Nikkei Armor [+MAL] or higher, Helper Mistacrab and Blackwater Doberman.Alternatively, equip a [+AM] Bloodbolt Sword, and just spam attack.